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Talis Elements

Luxury with Purpose - this is a mission of Talis Elements, a new brand focused on providing a consumer with an innovative concept, combining luxury, social responsibility, and innovation.Our brand’s home is split between Hell’s Kitchen in NYC and Bali, Indonesia, were our jewelry pieces are handcrafted and purified. No two pieces of Talis Elements jewelry are the same. Every unique piece has its own story and will act as a personal talisman that not only protects its wearers but acts as a guiding compass that empowers them to unlock their truest potential.We take pride in creating products that connect people to their values, emotions, and passions.Talis Elements is a cause-driven brand, making both a financial contribution and donating time to community outreach programs (human trafficking, gender equality issues) as well as supporting and empowering women and LGBTQ community entrepreneurs across the globe.