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Spitfire was founded on the streets of London’s Portobello Road Market in the early 2000's by a brother-and-sister team. Driven by a personal history with their family's sunglass business in South Africa, they moved to London with the desire to create something even better. The vision: to channel the effortless cool of their new home city and design eyewear that is entirely fresh, based on concepts that evolve from season to season. The brand that was born from a single market stall and hand-drawn design sketches can now be found in over 30 countries around the world.

Despite this growth, the founders have maintained the underground appeal of the brand. By never losing sight of why they created the brand in the first place, they continue a commitment to creativity inspired by the diverse people of the world. The result is and will always be eyewear that is unique, ever-changing, and within reach.