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It was 1965 when Otello made the first Atlas 150 and today, after almost 55 years, Marcato company still produces that machine. Of course, new materials and new technologies have been developed: Atlas 150 is the only pasta machine entirely oxy coloured, this means that the colour particles enter directly into the machine’s material and become an integral part of it without getting ruined or scratched over the years.

Rollers are made of anodised aluminium, a food-safe material that does not release harmful substances on the dough.

Marcato has studied and keep analysing Atlas characteristics in order to improve its functionality and performance. The continuous research allowed Marcato to guarantee a 10 years warranty for manufacturing defects.

Nowadays Marcato production is still carried out in Campodarsego, a little town in the rural area of Padua where everything started from the brilliant mind and skilled hands of Otello Marcato.