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Birthstone Scents

Hey, welcome to Luna & Rose. I’m Rosie, and you are awesome for coming on the Luna & Rose journey with me. The full story of how I started out is something I’ll need to share with you over numerous cold bevvies, so for now, here’s a quick dip into how Luna & Rose came to be.

Hailing from the beautiful South Island city of Christchurch in New Zealand, I spent my University years in the deep dark depths of the Design rooms at Fashion School in Wellington learning and exploring all elements of the ‘Fashion’ industry. Confused about what it stood for and my position within this fashion world, I headed off overseas traveling for a couple of years to take a break and feel out what my career might look like. After an extended stay in Australia, a foray into the Aussie fashion industry, and a game show appearance (yes, really!), I decided it was time to manifest my own dream. I wanted to design and launch my own transparent and sustainable jewelry label - and so Luna & Rose was born!