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Les Belles Heures

Let's be frank. Scarves are often associated with a traditional, uptight form of old fashioned elegance. And honestly, they are more present at the Ascott opening race than at the grocery store.

Les Belles Heures is a young, Paris-based accessory Maison focusing on revamping scarf as a cool, relaxed everyday accessory for tasteful contemporary men and women.

Things are changing. Everywhere from the catwalks to big city streets we see scarves and neckerchiefs adorning men and women of taste. Young and trendy, they have that nonchalance typical of the effortlessly chic who play with their style with ease.

A breeze of fresh air in our contemporary wardrobes, the scarf's fashion comeback brings it back where it initially belonged: with the people. An accessory with popular roots, it is now ready for renewed, relaxed and contemporary daily use.